Monday, January 23, 2012

Gratitude Weekly Week 4 - The Homeschool Opportunity

Today Nathan and Sarah start at a new school.  We have been doing the homeschool thing this year, but just before Christmas we decided that Nathan needed to go back to traditional school.  He was doing great academically, but really needed to improve socially.  I just couldn't give him them opportunities to be part of a group here.  He is very resistant to going to school, but we believe it to be in his best interest.  While checking out the school that Nathan was placed in, Sarah decided that she really wanted to go to school as well.  After much deliberation both of the young ones will be going to school.
I am trying to be upbeat about it, but I think I am failing miserably.  It has been so enjoyable teaching them at home.  Sarah's schooling was very difficult, but I felt that we grew closer as we struggled through it.  Nathan's schooling was delightful.  There is nothing like learning something and getting a hug and a kiss from mom for doing well.  Both of us were so happy every time he learned something new.
I am so very thankful that we did the homeschool thing, even if only for a little while.  I love the resources we now have in our home as well.  Just because they go off to the big school tomorrow doesn't mean we stop learning at home.  This opportunity, just taught us that we can learn at home and have the tools to do so.

PS  Now I may be able to do a little shopping, don't tell Jay.  :)


Emma Jo said...

I am so impressed! Good job with the kiddos, but how can you argue with a school uniform? You just can't. Will you homeschool my kids?

Jessica said...

You are so NOT a failure. What a great experience for them and you. And how wise to be continually assessing their needs and meeting them. I think you are awesome.

They look so sharp in their uniforms.

Jealous of your shopping time. Buy something on my behalf. ( =

Love you!