Monday, August 07, 2006

Baseball in the Living Room

I walk into the Living Room. You know the room that you try to keep clean and nice for company. The room that you put the slightly more breakable things in. I see Alex with his light saber drawn, Spencer with his light saber drawn and their cousin Sam with a ball in his hand. Of course I ask the obvious question, "Are you playing baseball in the living room." "No," Spencer says, "it is call something else." Okay let me rephrase the question "Are you hitting a ball with a light saber in the living room." "No," Alex says, "we haven't managed to hit it yet."

Home-school Church

Spencer has always been our sick on Sunday child. He starts working on his Sunday morning stomach ache on Friday night. Even before he could talk he would indicate that he didn't want to go to church by holding onto the car and crying when time to go into church. Well, Saturday night before bed Spencer was telling his grandmother that he wasn't feeling well and didn't think he would be able to go to church the next day. She asked him what it was he didn't like about church and he told her. He said, I like what I learn I just don't want to go. I don't really understand everything they are saying there, but Alex and Mommy do so I think they should go to church and learn everything and then come home and teach it to me. If they could home teach me then I could just play while they are at church. Grandmama said like Homeschool, and he responded, Yeah, that's a great idea Homeschool Church.