Sunday, December 11, 2011

London Trip 3 - Fall Break

During the boys' fall break we also took a trip to London. I know the title of the post says London Trip 3 and there isn't a trip 2, but that is because the pictures aren't on this computer and I need to find them. Anyway, on our 3rd trip we again took the train and this time spent the night so that we could have more time to see London.  At the end of the trip we realized that you can never have enough time in London. Our lists of things we want to see and do in London grows and grows and grows.  Here are a few of the MANY pictures we took while on our trip.
Day 1 - Bus Tour
Best Seats on the Bus
Big Ben
Palace Guards 
Harrods Department Store
Tower Bridge
Tower of London
London Eye
Trafalgar Square

Southsea Castle (and Lighthouse)
One day, about 2 months into our time here in England, while sitting at the playground watching Nathan and Sarah play, I looked up and saw a lighthouse.  I was stunned because Nathan has an uncanny ability to see lighthouses everywhere and we had never seen this lighthouse before.  I called him over to me and just before I could point it out to him, Nathan yells LIGHTHOUSE!  Needless to say we planned a trip to visit the lighthouse as soon as possible.

 England has a wonderful thing called fall break that gives the children 10 days out of school in the fall, so while the boys were out on fall break we visited the lighthouse which is part of the Southsea Castle.