Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Spencer Says Part II

Spencer asked Grandmama a question tonight. She said he was really serious and she was a little concerned about what he was going to ask. He said, "I have a question that I have been needing to ask someone for a long time so I am going to ask you. What is paprika?" Gotta love that boy.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Spencer Says

We were heading out to the Christmas parade in Williamsburg today when Spencer enlightened us on how he keeps from getting bored. I told the children to grab the Gameboy box because we were going to have a big wait for the parade once we arrived. Spencer says, "I packed my imagination in my imagination suitcase which I keep in my brain." Gotta love that, no Gameboy necessary.
The parade was terrific, though 45 minutes into it Spencer declared that he had seen enough and would be glad to wait in the warm car for the rest of the parade.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Holiday Letter

Hello to all of our family and friends,
We missed writing to you last Christmas and are deeply sorry. We received a wonderful early Christmas present last year on December 13th. Nathan Patrick was born. Nathan is a well loved addition to the family. Everyone enjoys him so much. He laughs often and easily. As we approach his first birthday he still isn’t walking, though he wishes he were. We are trying to keep him a baby for as long as possible. It has been very hard having him grow up with his Daddy away from home for half of his life.
Jay deployed to Iraq for a year in June. It was a surprise for us. Jay was teaching up in Rhode Island, and we were enjoying what we thought would be three years of having him home with us. Jay is working for Future Operations at the US Embassy in the International Zone of Baghdad. We miss him very much, but we are thankful that he is safe and working hard for our country.
Because of Jay’s deployment the children and I didn’t feel the need to remain in Rhode Island for the year and have moved back to Virginia and into my childhood home with my parents. It is a wonderful opportunity for the children to have many more adults in their lives to help with the sadness that comes from Daddy being gone. We are grateful to have so many people looking out for us.
We hope that your holiday season is full of love and joy. We love and miss you all.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Jay, Susan, Alexander, Spencer,
Sarah and Nathan Forsgren

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Quote: While practicing piano after breakfast one morning Spencer says while looking at his fingers, "This syrup sticks like glue."

Monday, August 07, 2006

Baseball in the Living Room

I walk into the Living Room. You know the room that you try to keep clean and nice for company. The room that you put the slightly more breakable things in. I see Alex with his light saber drawn, Spencer with his light saber drawn and their cousin Sam with a ball in his hand. Of course I ask the obvious question, "Are you playing baseball in the living room." "No," Spencer says, "it is call something else." Okay let me rephrase the question "Are you hitting a ball with a light saber in the living room." "No," Alex says, "we haven't managed to hit it yet."

Home-school Church

Spencer has always been our sick on Sunday child. He starts working on his Sunday morning stomach ache on Friday night. Even before he could talk he would indicate that he didn't want to go to church by holding onto the car and crying when time to go into church. Well, Saturday night before bed Spencer was telling his grandmother that he wasn't feeling well and didn't think he would be able to go to church the next day. She asked him what it was he didn't like about church and he told her. He said, I like what I learn I just don't want to go. I don't really understand everything they are saying there, but Alex and Mommy do so I think they should go to church and learn everything and then come home and teach it to me. If they could home teach me then I could just play while they are at church. Grandmama said like Homeschool, and he responded, Yeah, that's a great idea Homeschool Church.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Quote of the day

I want my Daddy. I always cry for the person who isn’t mad at me and Daddy is far away and doesn’t know what I have been doing so he isn’t mad at me.
Sarah, 5

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

June 5, 2006

Sarah is thankful that Daddy went to help get the bad guys in jail so that we will be safe.

Spencer likes that Sarah plays with him and that she tries to make people feel better.
Spencer is thankful for his family and that he has so many friends and that he has time with his family.

Alex is thankful for all the food he ate today.
Alex thinks Sarah is fun and playful and friendly.

Susan is thankful to be home with all my children again.
Susan likes that Sarah loves her family.

Nathan likes that Sarah plays with him

Monday, April 03, 2006

My Laugh Today

Today I was picking up my son Spencer from the bus. We had a moment of alone time as his sister and baby brother were sleeping and his older brother was watching TV with a bowl beside him from a day of stomach upset. Spencer was lamenting having to ride the bus home without his brother. I asked him, "Do you always sit with Alex on the bus?"
Spencer responds with, "Yes, except once when I sat with Crista."
"Crista?" I say.
"Yeah, she's a sister." Spoken with total annoyance, like there is nothing worst in the world. "Tony's sister. . . Not Tony the Tiger on the Frosted Flakes box, Tony my friend from school." I am amused, then he says, "Oh look, I have and invitation to a party for Noah. . . Not Noah from the bible with the animals, Noah in my class." Now I am thinking this can be my first blog because I am trying to stifle my laughs.

Then as I am writing this I asked Spencer what Tony's sister's name was and my husband says, "Spencer, you know Tony?"
And Spencer immediately responds with a slight disappointment, "It's not Tony the Tiger Dad, it's just Tony from school."