Monday, April 03, 2006

My Laugh Today

Today I was picking up my son Spencer from the bus. We had a moment of alone time as his sister and baby brother were sleeping and his older brother was watching TV with a bowl beside him from a day of stomach upset. Spencer was lamenting having to ride the bus home without his brother. I asked him, "Do you always sit with Alex on the bus?"
Spencer responds with, "Yes, except once when I sat with Crista."
"Crista?" I say.
"Yeah, she's a sister." Spoken with total annoyance, like there is nothing worst in the world. "Tony's sister. . . Not Tony the Tiger on the Frosted Flakes box, Tony my friend from school." I am amused, then he says, "Oh look, I have and invitation to a party for Noah. . . Not Noah from the bible with the animals, Noah in my class." Now I am thinking this can be my first blog because I am trying to stifle my laughs.

Then as I am writing this I asked Spencer what Tony's sister's name was and my husband says, "Spencer, you know Tony?"
And Spencer immediately responds with a slight disappointment, "It's not Tony the Tiger Dad, it's just Tony from school."